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Iceland Ski Sail 2017

sailing in Arctic Norway onboard Yacht Destiny - snow on the deck!

An oportunity to combine small yacht sailing with ski adventure. Based upon Yacht Destiny this trip is suitable for a group of up to 4 skiers (preferably who have skied together before) who are looking for something a bit more adventurous than the normal run of the mill ski trips.

Based from Isafjörđur on the NW coast of Iceland for the whole ski season Yacht Destiny is well proven for this type of trip (we skied from her before in Arctic Norway). The routine will be one of early rising before setting out from the anchorage in the Zodiac to land on nearby objectives. The terrain is a mix of easy gradients interspersed with steeper coulouirs.

The itinerary is 7 nights aboard and all food and even some alcohol is included - you won't go hungry! Cost is circa £2500 plus flights