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Alpine Mountaineering Kit List

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The following is a guide, or aide memoire to help make sure you bring out the right stuff! Please do get in touch however before you part with loads of cash and we will do our best to advise on specific bits and pieces.

Technical Equipment

  • Mountaineering boots. A high mountain boot of at least B2 standard. For winter alpinism and ice climbing a B3 is needed.
  • Crampons. A general 12 point pair is adequate for all but Technical Ice Climbing (where a specialised mono point is preferable).
  • Ice Axe. For general alpinism a 55 - 65cm axe is fine. For Winter Alpinism two 50cm technical axes are needed. For Cascade Climbing specialised tools (Nomic's for e.g.) are preferable.
  • Harness. A webbing or lightweight harness is fine for general mountaineering - for technical climbing a harness with adjustable leg loops is useful.
  • Helmet. On many routes a helmet is essential - many lightweight ones now available.
  • Crevasse Rescue Kit (can be loaned). 1 or 2 ice screws, 2 slings, 2 prussic loops, 4 karabiners.

Other Essential Equipment

  • Rucksack 40 - 50Lt single compartment one is ideal.
  • Sun Glasses 1 good quality cat 3 or 4 pair (plus spare if you have them)
  • Sun Block min spf 30 (I use 50 every day)
  • Head Torch LED torch with fresh batteries
  • Water Bottle 1 Lt minimum. Nalgene easy to fill. Flasks heavy but possible in day climbs in winter. Camelbacks freeze/burst regularly.
  • Personal 1st Aid. Small and light! Compeed, mild analgesics (paracetemol, ibuprofen etc).
  • Goggles. For Mont Blanc almost essential.

Other Equipment

  • Gaiters often not needed in summer
  • Sleeping bag liner Many huts now ask that you have one (and charge if you do not).
  • Camera
  • Ski Poles Very useful on Mont Blanc for e.g

Clothing (light colours useful)

  • Mountain Jacket Gore Tex type waterproof jacket (carried in summer - paclite is ideal, worn in winter, heavier weight).
  • Mountain Trousers/Salopettes Gore Tex type trousers (carried in summer - paclite is ideal, worn in winter, heavier weight)
  • Duvet Jacket For Mont Blanc essential. Synthetic type good for all other times.
  • Soft Shell type trousers
  • Soft Shell Jacket or windproof top
  • Fleece jacket/top
  • Thermal/wicking top layer Merino wool excellent for multi day outings
  • Thermal bottoms For Mont Blanc and winter alpinism
  • 2 pairs of gloves 1 light, 1 heavy
  • Mittens for Mont Blanc and winter alpinism
  • 2 hats 1 warm and wooly, 1 sun hat